About SetiTuP
Cleaning Services Inc.

Mrs. Lydia Cardinal-Asson

With the 25+ years of Retail Manager experience in various Canadian companies such as The Bay, Sears and Laura. The owner, Lydia Cardinal-Asson has awards for outstanding leadership, visual merchandising and team building. With certification in homestaging from QC Design School.

Our Vision

At Setitup Cleaning Services Inc, our vision is to improve the quality of lives and spaces of our clients with cleaning and organizational skills. We want to capture a large percentage of country landscape in just a few years of business operation. We aim to attain a climax spot in the market as soon as possible as well. Our vision reflects our values: integrity, service, and excellence.

Our Mission

Setitup Cleaning Services Inc's mission is to capture a larger percentage of the market in just a few years of business operation. Our mission is to deliver only quality, premium and professional cleaning services to our clients as promised, using our cleaning and organizational skills to help them improve their spaces. Our mission statement focuses our energies and lets us enjoy a sense of direction and purpose.

Our Core Values

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